Blue Door Press is a writer-led co-publishing venture: a growing community of writers, editors, copy-editors and designers. It was established by writers Jane Kirwan and Pamela Johnson; both have won awards and prizes for fiction & poetry; both have been published through traditional routes but now wish to have a more personal involvement in producing and marketing their own work as well as other books that should be out in the world and available for readers.


What is Co-publishing?

Thanks to new technologies, producing and distributing books is becoming more democratic. At Blue Door Press, writers will work with our associates to navigate these new technologies and produce high-quality books, including fiction guaranteed to start discussion in your reading group.

As we develop the list, reader feedback will be important. Do stay in touch via our Contact page. This is just the beginning of what we plan as a vibrant community of writers and readers.


Please don’t send us your work without first contacting us.   Why?  Because we are not a traditional publisher. We might not be for you. If you think you might be a good fit then please first email us via the contact page and we’ll send you our guidelines.

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