Barbara Bleiman

Barbara Bleiman was previously Co-Director of the English and Media Centre (EMC) and is now an education consultant for them. She has written and developed a number of highly regarded resources across a range of areas of English and is co-editor of emagazine, a quarterly magazine for A Level students. She has written numerous articles, blogs and chapters in books about English teaching, including a book of her writings, What Matters in English Teaching, published by EMC in April 2020.

She has written two novels. Off the Voortrekker Road was published in 2015. Diana Athill said of it, ‘I enjoyed and admired this novel very much. It is so well written, a fine example of how close and honest observation of a particular situation can speak volumes about larger issues’.

Her second novel, Accidents of Love was published in 2017. An Amazon reviewer said: ‘ A bombshell early on in this novel sucks you in and keeps you firmly gripped, wanting to find out what will happen. With a strong sense of place and character – anyone who knows North London will recognise this world – but a situation that is universal, a mid-life crisis – Barbara Bleiman more than delivers on the promise of her earlier novel, Off the Voortrekker Road.

She has also had several short stories published in anthologies. Her collection of short stories, Kremlinology of Kisses will be published by Blue Door Press in late Autumn 2020.