The Last Day of Term

Last Day Term KINDLE front cover

‘This clever generic hybrid is an addictive blend, reminiscent of the TV series Teachers mixed with detective noir.’ The Independent.

Originally published in 2011 to critical acclaim, Blue Door Press is now republishing this explosive novel, discussed on Radio 4. 

Truant. Drunk. Sexually deviant.

And that’s just the English teacher.

It’s the last day of term at the Gilda Ball Academy and time is running out: a teacher faces the sack following an anonymous allegation of child abuse…
Told within a single day, The Last Day of Term interweaves the gritty realities of teenage life in an inner-city school with a touching and comic story of a man in crisis.
Teacher Martin Hick is about to get the promotion he s wanted for years, and has vowed to rescue his failing marriage.

Cut to a grim council estate in east London, where Béla, an internet-addicted teenager, lives with his chain-smoking mother and aristocratic great-uncle both Hungarian emigres. Béla’s life has been ruined since Martin had him expelled from Gilda Ball a few weeks previously, and he is trying to plot his way back into the school.

So when, on the last day of term, Martin is confronted with an anonymous note accusing him of abuse, he naturally assumes Béla to be the source. The truth, as he will discover, is never quite that simple.