Poetry In Aldeburgh – Herrings

The inaugural Poetry In Aldeburgh festival – a gathering of poets and poetry lovers over the weekend of 4-6 November, 2016 – was tremendous success. An event made possible by the energy of volunteers plus the goodwill and enthusiasm of the hundreds of people who attended.


How to capture and record some of that buzz? How to reflect the magic of a packed weekend of poetry by the sea?  We at Blue Door Press are delighted to have been joined by Daphne Astor, Curator of Poetry in Aldeburgh, to produce the anthology, Herrings.

Herrings aims to publish poems by those who performed at or attended the weekend. It looks like being a wonderful project both as a record of that shoal of poets but also as a way of announcing Blue Door Press’s commitment to poetry publishing. We plan to launch at the Cambridge Literary Festival in April 2017 with more readings in London and in Aldeburgh.

If you were at the festival in November we need a poem from you! Poems are already coming in. The closing date is 31 Jan 2017.  Full information on submission is here

Below: a round of pictures from the inaugural Poetry In Aldeburgh

Including: Blake Morrison and Tamar Yoseloff at the launch of Lookout, an anthology of poetry inspired by Aldeburgh, in The South Lookout on Aldeburgh Beach; Poets take a morning dip having read poems in the sea; Ella Astor and Robin Boyd at the box office in the Garage Gallery, the festival hub; The South Lookout;  Tom Paulin signs books after a magical reading in the Jubilee Hall; poets in the hub; entrance to Garage Gallery.


Poetry For Blue Door




Daphne Astor, curator of the first Poetry In Aldeburgh festival, has joined Blue Door Press to develop poetry publication. Her first project will be to edit the anthology, Herrings.

Daphne explains the thinking behind the book: I  want to create a permanent record of the first Poetry In Aldeburgh festival. The spirit of the 2016 gathering is collaboration and participation and so I’m going invite participants to submit a poem for the anthology, which aims to reflect and record that spirit.

Submission will be open to all poets who perform at or attend Poetry In Aldeburgh, 2016. But why the title?

“Herrings will be a record of 4,5,6 November, 2016 when the poetry tribe came to the Suffolk seaside in the manner of a shoal of fish, of a collection of people giving time and making the effort, of sharing an experience. The title also reflects the historic relationship that Aldeburgh had with the large schools of herrings which were caught and salted to provide income and livelihoods for local fisherman and the gansey-knitting, salting women who travelled along the coast of the East Anglian North Sea every autumn.”

If all goes to plan, Herrings will be published in spring 2017